Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Historic Day!

It was an exciting week in the California Redlands Mission!  We were pleased to welcome 32 Elders and Sisters with only 4 going home. 

With the number of "trios" we ended up opening 18 new areas.  This brought some unexpected challenges - especially since we didn't receive any new cars and need to remove another 5 cars from our fleet.  Without the luxury of additional cars we needed to move several Sister's apartments to put them in areas that wouldn't require a bike.  All in all every companionship but two had to be changed.  There were several tender mercies in the transfers that left no question as to who was at the head of this great work.
One of our two visa waiters this transfer is being trained by his brother who will be going home in a few weeks. The older brother has never been so nervous to train correctly as he is now.  We had a Sister that came from Saudi Arabia that was assigned to the area where she was blessed as a baby. It is exciting to see the hand of the Lord in this great work.

 With two missions on the same flight there were over 50 missionaries.  That led to
14 lost suitcases.
30 of the 32 that came on the same flight
Sister Van Cott with three departing missionaries
Elder Witham - Sister La'ala'ai - Elder Wasson
Transferring cars, apartment keys, bikes, and luggage