Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Returned Missionary Visits this Quarter

Sister Granado came back for the temple sealing of someone she taught, and was baptized while she served.
Elders Johnson, Christensen, Berry and Merenluoto with President
Elder Fonseca and his fiance with President and Sister Van Cott
Elder Ashcraft and his parents with President and Sister Van Cott
Elders Wise, Landgrave, Darro and Raff with President's son, Truman

Thursday, March 17, 2016

MLC (Mission Leadership Council) March 3, 2016

Elders Runyan and Baumann
Elders Burton, Nelson, Crossett and Soelberg
Elders Chavez, Bailey, Sanford and Curtis
Sisters Bess and Jaynes
Sisters Gunn, Orr, Murray and Martinez
Sisters Buttars, West, Woodruff and Wright
Elders Seeborg, Jewell, Nickel and Rivera
Elder Mansfield, Truman, and Elder Johnson