Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Exciting Week

We had the blessing of having Elder and Sister Walker visit the California Redlands Mission. He was truly a blessing to our children and also all of the missionaries.

Our wonderful departing Elders and Sister
Exciting to have two new visa waiters!
Our Sisters arriving from the new Mexico MTC
We received a total of 29 new missionaries.  We have gone from 152 missionaries in July to over 220 missionaries in October.  The work is hastening!



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Departing Missionaries

We will miss Elder Webb

Elder Buckley

Elder Harvey, Elder Andersen, Sister Jensen, Elder Lamb, Elder Crandall, Elder Conder, Elder Buers

Leaving October 29th - November 25th
Elder Dean, Elder Heilman, Elder Leiske, Elder Schultz, Elder Mackall, Elder Faka'osi, Elder LeVan, Elder Wellisch, Elder Soressi

Elder Littlewood

Our Great September Missionaries Arrived Safe

Here they come!

All of our English speaking missionaries!

 Our wonderful visa waiters!

Our first missionaries from the Mexico MTC!

Sister Deroche

Sister Wong

Elder Gore

Elder Moore

Sister Howe

Our August Arrivals

We were so blessed to have so many new and wonderful missionaries arrive in August!

Sister Taboada

Sister Zamora

Elder Reber

Sister Southwick

Sister Harris

Sister Harper

Sister Whitford

Sister Davidson

Sister Lee
(A Fellow Mountain View Bruin)

Elder Potts

Elder Miller

Sister Straatman

Sister Randall

Elder Braithwaite

Elder Robison

Elder Weaver
Elder Griggs

Elder Null

Elder Allred


Sister Munoz

Elder Siddoway

Elder Riches

Elder Allen

Sister Kalke

Sister Lauaki - Sablan

Elder Perkins

Elder Pratt

Elder Morgan

Elder Potts and his companion Elder Potts!