Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Love My Mom

There are amazing things going on in the mission.  This coming transfer we are receiving twenty nine new missionaries (thirteen of which are Sisters) and we only have four going home.  There are several "trios"  that need splitting up so overall we are looking at opening around seventeen areas.

This is going to bring some wonderful opportunities for the wards and stakes here in California. 

The missionaries are all working hard and are working on being more and more obedient.  I have been counseling them to read D&C 123:17 and really focus on cheerfully doing the things that lie within their power.  We are putting emphasis on the morning studies and preparation and also on the evening planning and giving an accounting of their day to God. Those are things that the missionaries can control with EXACTNESS. Most of the people they are working with are not within their control but if they are obedient and cheerful then the arm of the Lord will be revealed in this great work.

On a selfish note, my mother spoke at a recent BYU Women's Conference.  My brother gave me the link and so I listened to it tonight.  It has great insights on raising a family without a lot of resources.  I was the second of nine children and my father was a school teacher.  We were always blessed because of my parents obedience and faithfulness.  It is well worth the fifteen minutes to listen if you have the time.

I am grateful for the wonderful parents of these wonderful missionaries.  Thank you for your prayers and support. 

President Van Cott